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Aimed at improving key functions in ageing dogs: supports ageing cells via neutralization of free radicals (polyphenols associated with a patented synergistic antioxidant cocktail); preserves kidney function (reduced phosphorus); and enhances brain health (Phosphatidylserine & L-tryptophan). 

The synergistic action of a patented cocktail of 4 vitamins (Pantothenic acid, Inositol, Niacin and Choline) and 1 amino acid (Histidine) reinforces the skin barrier and supports the skin by promoting synthesis of ceramides and limiting transepidermal water loss. 

An optimal amino acid profile; focused about the inclusion of leucine as a branched chain amino acid stimulating muscle growth and countering agerelated sarcopenia. 

Combination of highly digestible proteins (L.I.P. proteins), sugar beet pulp and fish oil to ensure maximum digestive tolerance. 

Key Benefits

  • Selection of nutrients that help support vital function in ageing dogs.
  • Nutrients which contribute to healthy bones and joints.
  • A specific balanced formulation to help preserve muscle mass with age.
  • Nutrients which support a balanced intestinal flora and digestive transit.

Royal Canin Senior Consult Mature Medium Dog 3.5kg

  • Maize, dehydrated poultry meat, wheat, wheat flour, vegetable fibres, animal fats, dehydrated pork protein, maize gluten, hydrolysed animal proteins, beet pulp, minerals, fish oil, tomato (source of lycopene), soya oil, Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides (FOS), borage oil, green tea and grape extracts (source of polyphenols). 

  • Arachidonic acid (%) 0.06 
    Ash (%) 5.5 
    Biotin (mg/kg) 3.13 
    Calcium (%) 0.87 
    Fibre (%) 6.9 
    Dietary fibre (%) 15.3 
    DL-methionine (%) 0.73 
    EPA/DHA (%) 0.45 
    Fat (%) 14.0 
    Polyphenols from green tea and grapes (mg/kg) 150.0 
    L-carnitine (mg/kg) 820.0 
    Linoleic acid (%) 2.67 
    Lutein (mg/kg) 5.0 
    Metabolisable energy (calculated according to NRC85) (kcal/kg) 3433.5 
    Metabolisable energy (measured) (kcal/kg) 3300.0 
    Methionine Cystine (%) 1.02 
    Moisture (%) 9.5 
    Nitrogen-free extract (NFE) (%) 41.1 
    Omega 3 (%) 0.77 
    Omega 6 (%) 2.79 
    Phosphorus (%) 0.56 
    Protein (%) 23.0 
    Starch (%) 32.7 
    Taurine (mg/kg) 3500.0 
    Vitamin A (UI/kg) 33000.0 
    Vitamin C (mg/kg) 200.0 
    Vitamin E (mg/kg) 600.0

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