YuMEGA Itchy Dog is a natural, high quality supplement for dogs prone to feeling itchy. Our premium cold-pressed oils are recommended by vets to soothe itches and calm sensitive skin conditions in dogs – expect results in 4-6 weeks.

  • Calms sensitive skin
  • Reduces itching and scratching 
  • Supports skin health
  • Trusted by breeders and vets
  • UK's #1 Veterinary Skin supplement*

How does YuMEGA Itchy Dog soothe sensitive skin?

Extra GLA from Starflower (Borage) provides Omega 6 (GLA) which helps to soothe the urge to itch. YuMEGA Itchy Dog contains higher levels of Omega 3 – 70% more powerful than ever before.

High levels of essential Omega 3 oils from Golden Flax seed to improve coat condition. A healthy coat is your dog's first line of defence against itchy triggers like pollen and grass. 

Added natural Vitamin E and Omega 6 (LA), support the skin’s natural defences, helping your dog maintain a barrier against the allergens that cause itching.

Lintbells sources the oils from the very finest natural plant sources. Golden Flax and Borage (Starflower) seeds. Then, they are cold-pressed to carefully extract the oil and is immediately bottled to keep the oil as fresh as possible. Then Vitamin E from natural plant sources is added to maintain the quality of the oil and mop up free radicals.

YuMEGA Itchy Dog also contains the finest 100% Salmon oil from the crystal clear fjords of Norway. From fishing boat to bottle-ready oil, it takes less than an hour to process this finest quality Salmon oil, so your dog is getting the freshest, most effective skin-soothing goodness.

  • Salmon oil 
  • Fish oil
  • Golden Flax oil
  • Starflower oil
  • Vitamin E

(Up to 10kg) 2.5ml
(11-20kg) 5-7.5ml
(21-30kg) 7.5-10ml
(Over 30kg) 10-15ml

YuMEGA Dog, YuMEGA Show Dog, YuMEGA Boost

Yumega Itchy Dog, 250ML

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